Leader of Czech protests gives PM ultimatum

The Czech anti-government protest movement A Million Moments for Democracy is calling for new mass demonstrations, and has called on the country’s prime minister, Andrej Babiš, either to resolve his conflicts of interest and dismiss the justice minister or resign.

“We are ready to demonstrate for years,” said Mikuláš Minář, president of A Million Moments for Democracy. “Politicians should get used to it.”

The anti-Babiš demonstrations began in April and culminated in June with the biggest protest since the Velvet Revolution 30 years ago.

Mr Babiš has been investigated for misuse of European Union funds to build a luxury resort worth two million euros. Protesters are concerned that the new justice minister, Marie Benešová, a close ally of the prime minister, would slow down the investigation.

In September, the Czech Republic’s chief state attorney halted the investigation saying that Mr Babiš’ company Agrofert met the requirements to receive EU grants and there was no conflict of interest.