Hungary turns to TurkStream as Russia plans to suspend gas transfers through Ukraine

slovakia-poland gas pipeline

Hungary’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has said that Russian gas deliveries to Hungary through the TurkStream pipeline could start in the second half of 2021.

In an interview with Russian state TV broadcaster Rossiya 24, the foreign minister said that Hungary considers Russian energy investments in Serbia and Bulgaria highly significant since Russia and Ukraine have not yet managed to agree on transit deliveries to Europe.

“Hungary will realise the minimal infrastructure projects required for this in such a way that the physical opportunity for the use of the new route will already be available at the beginning of next year,” the foreign minister said, referring to the extension of TurkStream.

Following talks with Gazprom CEO Aleksei Miller on March 21, Mr Szijjártó announced that Hungary’s gas supply will be ensured for 2020 even if there is no agreement between Russia and Ukraine regarding gas transit before the end of the year.

“A situation could easily come about in which Russia will no longer be shipping gas to the European continent via Ukraine. We must prepare for this scenario, because we must always take into account the worst possible scenario when planning the security of the country’s energy supply,” the minister said.

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