Latvia dethrones Romania as emerging Europe’s internet speed champion

3d rendering internet speed meter close up

Latvia now has the fastest broadband internet speeds in emerging Europe.

According to the latest Worldwide Broadband Speed League produced by, which compares broadband offerings in the UK across the world, Latvia ranked 16th globally with an average download speed of 32.74 Megabytes per second (Mbps). Estonia came in as a close second with 31.55 Mbps (18th globally) while Hungary is the third best performing country in the region, ranked 20th globally with 31.10 Mbps.

Lithuania (21st/30.66 Mbps), Slovakia (23th/29.45 Mbps), Slovenia (26th/27.83), Poland (28th/24.38), the Czech Republic (31th/23.27), Romania (37th/21.80) and Serbia (43rd/19.17) also made it to emerging Europe’s top 10. For Romania, however, for a number of years emerging Europe’s internet champion, its overall ranking of 37th represents a huge drop from fifth in 2018.

The emerging Europe top 10 are followed by Croatia (48th/17.22), Bulgaria (49th/16.95), Belarus (57th/13.19), Kosovo (59th/12.07), Moldova (60th/11.56), Montenegro (70th/9.10), North Macedonia (78th/7.97), Ukraine (81st/7.72), Albania (85th/7.61) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (86th/7.53).

Georgia was ranked 88th with 7.14 Mbps, but neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan fell into the overall top 100 (111th/4.85 and 141st/3.10). The pair remain the worst performers in emerging Europe, but both did at least see slight improvements in their average download speeds over the past 12 months.