Macedonia seeks bids for waste water plants

Macedonia’s Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski has stated that the country is seeking bids for the construction of waste water treatment plants in the municipalities of Bitola and Tetovo by the end of 2018.

A six million euros Waste Water Treatment Plant opened in Radoviš on July 18, for which the EU provided five million euros, through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). The plant treats urban wastewater, helping improve the water quality of the Radoviš river, as well as citizens’ lives.

Radoviš is one of four Macedonian municipalities, including Prilep, Strumica, and Kičevo, to have received EU funding for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities.

As part of the project in Radoviš, a 1.5 kilometre access road was built and a 3.3 kilometre secondary sewerage network rehabilitated. The works were carried out by WTE Group, part of Austria’s EVN Group. WTE Group is a leading water supply and wastewater treatment company in the EU market, present in 18 European countries. WTE has also built the wastewater treatment plant in Kičevo, worth 8.3 million euros, and a wastewater treatment facility in Strumica. The total value of the three projects is 21 million euros, according to WTE.