Polish IT specialists earn increasingly well

Some 11,000 Polish złotys or 2540 euros is the average gross salary of an IT specialist in Poland, according to a recent survey by No Fluff Jobs, which looked at over 2000 individuals employed in the Polish IT sector. Over 57 per cent of respondents are employed on a permanent contract, but according to 55 per cent of those surveyed a B2B contract (when the IT specialist is self-employed) is the best form of employment.

The way somebody is employed does have an impact on remuneration. In the case of JavaScript programmers using the Angular platform, the average gross monthly salary amounts to 12,000 Polish złotys (2770 euros). At the same time, a self-employed JavaScript programmer using the Spring platform can make 15,000 Polish złotys (3465 euros) gross a month.

According to No Fluff Jobs, programmers working remotely can count on a higher salary — between 2655 and 3700 euros in the case of a permanent contract and between 1920 and 3230 euros if they are self-employed.

The survey also shows that two out of three respondents consider the work environment to be as important as their salaries. An opportunity to develop their personal skills is significant for 81 per cent of respondents. Additional benefits are least important — 46 per cent found them insignificant.