Serbia close to research deal with Rosatom

Serbia is in talks with Russian nuclear energy corporation Rosatom regarding the construction of a ​nuclear research centre, a Serbian government official has said.

“By resuming cooperation with Rosatom after 30 years, we again raise our scientific capacities in the field of nuclear technologies, based on the best Russian knowledge and technologies that will be available to us in the future,” said Nenad Popovic, Serbia’s minister without portfolio in charge of innovation.

In January, Rosatom signed a cooperation agreement with Serbia for the execution of joint projects in the field of nuclear energy. The agreement envisages assistance in the creation and improvement of nuclear energy infrastructure in Serbia, design, construction and modernisation of research nuclear reactors, nuclear medicine development, as well as implementation of fundamental and applied research in the field of nuclear energy.

Serbia officially joined the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) as its 23rd member state in March.

Source: SeeNews