Sweden’s Chalmers University launches centre of excellence in Bulgaria

Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technologies has launched a new centre of excellence in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (GATE) in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the goal to build research capacity and promote innovation power.

The initiative is made through funding for seven years from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Widespread programme, which aims to promote competence and innovation across Europe and thereby strengthen European competitiveness and ability to meet societal challenges.

“We see an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in a field that is developing extremely rapidly,” said Graham Kemp, professor at the Data Science and AI division at the Chalmers’ Department of Computer Science and Engineering. “Our participation in GATE will lead to greater international impact, perspectives and interaction. In the longer term the GATE Institute will become a strong partner for collaboration in Eastern Europe.”

The research is focused on four strategic application themes: future cities, intelligent government, smart industry and digital health. GATE will employ over 100 researchers and install three new research labs at Sofia University, City Living Lab, Digital Twin Lab, in multidisciplinary collaboration with industry, as well as Virtual Reality and Big Data Visualisation.

The GATE Institute, as the only Big Data centre of excellence in Eastern Europe, will form a hub in a European network of more than 50 Big Data centres. GATE thus will play a strategically important role in expanding the network and contributing to knowledge transfer and innovation that will provide exchange not only at a national or regional level but for the whole of Europe.

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