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From evaluation to integration: The journey of LLMs and GenAI in global eDiscovery 

The eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey is a critical barometer for the global eDiscovery industry, offering insights into business confidence, trends, and challenges.

With the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), the survey has expanded to explore the industry’s adoption and integration of these cutting-edge technologies worldwide, including in emerging Europe.

The Winter 2024 edition reveals significant findings on the utilisation, benefits, and obstacles associated with LLMs and GenAI in eDiscovery, providing a lens through which professionals can gauge current trends and prepare for future developments.

Recent survey results and a comparative analysis with the Fall 2023 edition results highlight shifts in perspective and outline the evolving impact of these technologies on the global eDiscovery ecosystem, with implications for emerging Europe and other regions. This analysis is paramount for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of digital transformation in their field. 

Survey overview and methodology 

The Winter 2024 edition of the eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey marks a significant installment in this ongoing research initiative, exploring the integration and impact of LLMs and GenAI within the global eDiscovery sector, including emerging Europe. Administered between January 15 and February 15, 2024, the survey attracted participation from 100 industry professionals worldwide, representing a cross-section of the eDiscovery ecosystem.

The methodology ensures data collection and analysis consistency, with structured questions designed to elicit quantifiable insights into core areas of interest, including the characterisation of LLM and GenAI use in organisational operations, perceived benefits, and anticipated challenges. 

Winter 2024 Survey Insights 

The Winter 2024 survey reveals noteworthy findings regarding the current state of LLMs and GenAI within the global eDiscovery sector, with implications for emerging Europe: 

Characterisation of Use: 29 per cent of respondents are considering and evaluating the potential applications of LLMs and GenAI, 28 per cent are testing and piloting, 34 per cent are integrating and deploying, and only nine per cent have yet to make plans to explore these technologies. These trends are likely to be reflected in emerging Europe as well. 

Primary Benefit: Improved Service/Product Delivery (41 per cent), Competitive Advantage (19 per cent), Cost Savings (19 per cent), Enhanced Decision Making (nine per cent), and Risk Mitigation (nine per cent) are identified as the main benefits of integrating LLMs and GenAI, which are relevant to eDiscovery professionals in emerging Europe. 

Primary Challenge: Results Accuracy (43 per cent), Regulatory and Privacy Compliance (15 per cent), Unclear ROI (15 per cent), Skill Gap (12 per cent), High Costs (nine per cent), and Ethical Concerns (six per cent) emerge as the key challenges in adopting these technologies, which are also applicable to the eDiscovery ecosystem in emerging Europe. 

Comparative Analysis: Fall 2023 vs. Winter 2024 

Comparing the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 survey results reveals insightful trends in the adoption, perception, and challenges of LLMs and GenAI, which are likely to be mirrored in emerging Europe: 

Adoption and Characterisation of Use: The proportion of respondents considering and evaluating LLMs and GenAI increased from 25 per cent to 29 per cent, testing and piloting rose from 23.44 per cent to 28 per cent, and those integrating and deploying increased from 29.69 per cent to 34 per cent. Notably, the number of respondents without plans to engage decreased sharply from 21.88 per cent to nine per cent. These trends suggest a growing interest and adoption of these technologies in emerging Europe. 

Perceived Benefits: Improved Service/Product Delivery remained the foremost benefit, increasing from 35.94 per cent to 41 per cent. Recognition of Competitive Advantage and Cost Savings as primary benefits saw a notable increase, especially for Cost Savings, which almost doubled from 10.94 per cent to 19 per cent. These benefits are likely to be sought after by eDiscovery professionals in emerging Europe. 

Challenges in Integration: Results Accuracy remained a significant challenge, increasing from 31.25 per cent to 43 per cent. Regulatory and Privacy Compliance and Unclear ROI decreased in concern, while Skill Gap and High Costs remained notable challenges. These challenges are expected to be faced by eDiscovery professionals in emerging Europe as they integrate LLMs and GenAI into their operations. 

Implications for the Global eDiscovery Ecosystem, Including Emerging Europe 

The survey findings carry significant implications for the global eDiscovery ecosystem, including emerging Europe, marking a period of transformation driven by the integration of LLMs and GenAI. These technologies’ increased adoption and deployment highlight a strategic shift towards enhancing service delivery, achieving competitive advantage, and improving operational efficiency.

As firms worldwide, including those in emerging Europe, navigate the challenges of results accuracy, regulatory compliance, and the skill gap, focusing on achieving cost-effective operational excellence will likely drive investment in training, development, and technological infrastructure. 

Furthermore, the survey underscores the importance of ethical considerations and regulatory compliance in deploying LLMs and GenAI globally, including in emerging Europe. As these technologies become more embedded in eDiscovery processes, the industry must engage in an ongoing dialogue about their ethical implications, ensuring their use aligns with legal standards and societal expectations in their respective regions. 

As the sector continues to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, these findings offer a roadmap for professionals worldwide, including those in emerging Europe, to adapt, innovate, and responsibly leverage these technologies to shape the future of eDiscovery on a global scale. 

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