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Gepard announces exciting partnership opportunities to revolutionise product data management

Gepard, a leader in AI-enabled Product Information Management (PIM) and end-to-end product data syndication solutions, is inviting businesses to explore its partnership opportunities. With a legacy that traces back to 2005, Gepard has consistently innovated to meet the dynamic needs of product data management, culminating in a platform that simplifies and streamlines the complexities of PIM and product data syndication for maximum efficiency.

Centralised data management and AI-driven solutions

Gepard’s platform serves as a centralised repository for all product data, ensuring consistency and easy access. It features advanced data transformation capabilities, allowing businesses to convert their product data into any format for seamless distribution across a myriad of channels, including eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. The core of Gepard’s offering includes smart product data syndication, AI-enabled product data mapping, and an advanced taxonomy management approach, all designed to enhance eCommerce ecosystems whether integrated into existing structures or employed as standalone solutions.

Partnership opportunities

Gepard is extending an invitation to potential partners in three key areas:

  • White-label PIM Solution: Businesses can offer Gepard’s robust PIM under their brand name, enhancing their service portfolio.
  • Integration Partnership: Collaborate with Gepard to integrate its PIM into existing infrastructures, delivering unparalleled value to clients.
  • Reseller Opportunities: Independently extend Gepard’s solutions, capitalising on its proven platform to drive growth.

Sergii Shvets, CEO of Gepard, emphasizes the importance of partnerships in the current business landscape: “In today’s fast-paced and turbulent business environment, we prioritise partnerships. We actively invest in fostering strong relationships to ensure mutual growth and success.”

Why partner with Gepard?

Partnership with Gepard offers numerous benefits, including access to specialized product data management tailored for intricate product data needs, ease of use for non-technical users, and capabilities to syndicate product data to numerous marketplaces or eCommerce platforms. Gepard’s platform also supports advanced data enrichment, streamlining content editing from third-party providers, enhancing data push speed, and enabling customization for diverse channels.

Join the Gepard Partner Network

Gepard invites businesses to become part of its ever-growing network of partners, working together to harness the power of the Gepard PIM solution to revolutionize product data management. For those interested in exploring these opportunities, Gepard encourages reaching out to discuss how a partnership can benefit both parties and drive the future of eCommerce together.

For more information, visit Gepard’s partnership page.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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