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HaystackID introduces armed forces empowerment programme

The programme fosters a partnership that connects military members, their families, and the broader community.

HaystackID, a specialised eDiscovery services firm known for supporting law firms and corporate legal departments, has announced the introduction of its HaystackID Armed Forces Empowerment Programme.  

Recognising the unique challenges that military families often face in maintaining stable employment due to frequent relocations, the programme is designed to offer opportunities, resources, and tools that help these dedicated individuals find meaningful employment and enhance their quality of life. 

Central to HaystackID’s corporate culture is a deep commitment to supporting military families. This commitment stems from understanding the invaluable sacrifices these individuals have made for the United States.  

It says it believes in fostering a partnership that connects military members, their families, and the broader community. This approach provides a working environment that enables military members and their families to contribute their unique skillsets and facilitates their ability to balance professional demands with family life and other responsibilities. 

The HaystackID Armed Forces Empowerment Programme is tailored to active military personnel, veterans, reserve military, and their spouses, provided they are licensed attorneys, JDs, or paralegals. This approach sets the programme apart from HaystackID’s existing offerings by allowing it to address the needs and skills of a highly valued segment of the population. 

For reviewers who participate in the programme, the benefits are twofold. First, they join a team of individuals that recognise and value the military. Second, the programme offers reviewers who participate in the programme the flexibility to work from home, irrespective of location, and set their hours. This approach not only enables them to earn an income but also reassures them that their efforts and those of their spouses are appreciated. 

From a client perspective, the programme offers an opportunity to show support for military families by staffing them on matters and allows clients to tap into the unique skill sets and expertise military families bring to the table. This skill set includes hard work, enthusiasm, and diverse industry knowledge and specialisations. 

Reviewers interested in joining the programme can apply through the ReviewRight® platform. As part of the application process, they will be asked a series of questions, including whether they or their spouses are affiliated with the military. Upon the programme’s launch, clients will also have the option to specify their preference for having their reviews staffed with this team. 

HaystackID continues to provide next-generation managed review services that incorporate artificial intelligence and staffing marketplace capabilities as part of our broader offering. ReviewRight Match AI and ReviewRight Staff are two key services that leverage the power of AI and a global document reviewer marketplace to match certified candidates’ qualifications with specific staffing needs. 

HaystackID says that it is proud to champion programmes and solutions that address unique legal enterprise needs while always prioritizing security, privacy, and integrity.  

You can find out more about HaystackID and the HaystackID Armed Forces Empowerment Programme here

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