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Ukrainian IT keeps on delivering

Ukraine has been featured prominently at Web Summit 2022, showcasing its IT industry and support for the country’s effort to defeat Russia.

Centre stage on day two of Web Summit, the annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, was a discussion featuring Parimatch Tech CEO Maksym Liashko and Ukrainian professional boxer and world champion Oleksandr Usyk (pictured above), who since 2021 has been a Parimatch responsible gambling ambassador. 

The pair spoke about how they built successful strategies in their respective areas, and shared stories of supporting Ukraine, presenting their tools to achieve goals and coping with a crisis as significant as a war. 

Usyk spoke about how he rethought his role and the role of his sports achievements in the context of helping the country, and elaborated on his charitable activities and the results they brought. 

“Since the beginning of October, every day, Ukraine has been constantly shelled by drones and missiles,” he said.  

“The enemy tries to destroy our infrastructure, and, of course, it is very hard to be without water and light because you can’t do anything. But even without electricity, Ukrainians themselves are the light that shines around the world.” 

Liashko meanwhile spoke of Parimatch Tech’s activities to support Ukraine. As the CEO of a business with Ukrainian roots, Liashko talked about the difficulties that companies in Ukraine are currently facing, and emphasised the crucial role of businesses in helping the country’s economy survive and develop. 

“I invite you to search for business partners among Ukrainian companies,” he said.  

“Because you can be sure that despite all the difficulties they face in this environment, they still comply with their obligations and deliver their products and services, especially IT companies. IT keeps on working and keeps on delivering.” 

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