TECHIIA becomes Emerging Europe’s partner

TECHIIA is an international holding operating across multiple verticals: esports, IT products, IT services, a venture studio, the production and distribution of esports merchandise and accessories, the construction of infrastructure facilities, and the list goes on.  

The company’s name is a Ukrainian word meaning “water stream” symbolising constant motion forward, flexibility and strength — a trendsetting source in the technology world. 

And now it has signed a partnership agreement with Emerging Europe. 

 “For many years we have been building international businesses and multicultural teams driven by the ‘we dare to look beyond’ principle,” says Yura Lazebnikov, one of TECHIIA’s managing partners. 

 “In the modern world, entrepreneurs must be able to break the limits, especially in their own minds. Together with Emerging Europe, we will show how this is done.” 

 As part of the agreement, TECHIIA has taken a strategic role within Tech Emerging Europe Advocates, a community of tech entrepreneurs, leaders, experts and investors eager to make emerging Europe a global tech hub.  

 The holding will also be engaged in The Future of Emerging Europe programme, which focuses on sustainable and innovation- and entrepreneurship-driven development of the region; and the Emerging Europe and the United States Towards 2030 programme that brings business leaders from both regions together and enables partnerships and collaboration.  

Finally, an editorial programme on Emerging Europe’s channels will provide global visibility for TECHIIA and Ukraine. 

 “Together with Emerging Europe, we are happy to forge another bridge between West and East, both as TECHIIA Holding and Ukraine in general. Our task in the community is to reveal business opportunities where they are difficult to see and suggest how to implement them all over the world,” says Oleg Krot, TECHIIA’s other managing partner. 

 “We are delighted to have TECHIIA join our programmes. Within less than a decade the company has grown to become a global partner for international companies,” says Andrew Wrobel, Emerging Europe’s founding partner. 

 “TECHIIA’s values and approach of thinking globally and ahead, adhering to ecological communication with clients, partners, employees and treating everyone equally and respecting the cultural and national traits of our clients, partners, and employees, are aligned with Emerging Europe’s mission to bring the world together to shape the region’s future and our values of integrity, inclusion, empowerment and passion.” 


TECHIIA is an international diversified holding company founded by Yura Lazebnikov and Oleg Krot. The holding includes several companies that founded between 2012 and 2019 in various geographies. The holding’s main operations include esports, investments, engineering, SaaS, IT services, distribution, plush merchandise manufacturing and real estate development. 

 The holding’s key businesses are WePlay Esports, Enestech, j:Mind, FS Holding, WP Merchandise!, TECHIIA Construction and VRTX Venture Lab. 

TECHIIA runs business operations in various countries worldwide. Since the establishment of the holding in 2019, a special compliance unit headed by the Chief Governance Officer has been closely monitoring that its activities meet international standards. 

 The company has received multiple awards in areas related to sustainability, business transformation, innovation and management. 

For more information about TECHIIA, visit the holding’s profile page on Emerging Europe and its website,


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