Emerging Europe international partner of Pro Progressio’s 2021 BSS Forum

On June 24, Pro Progressio, a Poland-based business services consulting organisation, returns with its international forum.

This year The BSS Forum will be organised online and is free of charge for attendees from all around the world. Three separate streams, 15 independent webinars and more than 40 speakers from Europe, Africa as well as South and North America will present best business cases, run presentations as well as discuss – on various panels – topics focused on business, HR and the business environment for the BPO and GBS industries.

All under the main theme of the event, back to business.

Some of the panels will be run in Polish, while others will be in English – depending on the local or international subject of the talks.

Within the group of international discussions experts will focus on:

  • The best European locations for BSS Operation Centres. This presentation will be provided by PwC.
  • The business case of HSBC European Service Centre located in Krakow, Poland
  • The future of IT and IT Contracting – a panel with speakers from Poland, Egypt, Sweden, Ukraine and Germany
  • Top Market GAME CHANGERS – a debate on the development of GBS centres run by Adaptive Solutions and Advisory Group
  • How do you do it? A debate around how cities can build an investment offer – a deep analysis of investment strategies run by Andrew Wrobel from Emerging Europe with his guests representing the Invest in Pomerania Agency and the cities of Lodz and Poznan.
  • If not Poland, then where? Business conditions in various markets – a debate of featuring lawyers from Noerr from Czechia, Hungary and Romania.
  • Nearshoring vs. Offshoring from the US: Pros. vs Cons., Opportunities vs. Threats – an international discussion panel with speakers from Canada, the US, Colombia and South Africa.

The BSS Forum starts at 10:00 CEST and each webinar is planned for either 45 or 60 minutes.

On-line participation is FREE of charge.

Emerging Europe is the international partner of the 2021 BSS Forum.

More details about the event and free registration (Package SIMPLE) on –