The Warsaw Stock Exchange has become Emerging Europe’s latest strategic partner

The WSE will take a key role in the development of the newly-launched Tech Emerging Europe Advocates network, as well as other flagship projects Emerging Europe is running in 2021including Towards 2030 and the Future of emerging Europe campaign. 

“Despite multiple success stories, the world’s awareness about the progress the emerging Europe region has made is still far from high,” said Marek Dietl, the WSE’s CEO. I commend the efforts of Emerging Europe, which continues to not only showcase the best the region has to offer but also initiates debates and strengthens its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The Warsaw Stock Exchange supports initiatives whose goal is to enhance regional cooperation and build a stronger region. That is why we get involved in Emerging Europe’s programmes, and we encourage others to join us.” 

Emiliano Ramos, partner at Emerging Europe said, “The Warsaw Stock Exchange is not only the region’s largest stock exchangebut it is also at the forefront of tech innovations that enable businesses from the region — large or small — to go global while remaining in the region. Keeping talent and innovation within emerging Europe is a key driver of its growth and as such we are immensely proud of partnering with the WSE.” 

The Warsaw Stock Exchange is the biggest financial instruments exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the most recognisable Polish financial institutions, the Warsaw Stock Exchange Group (GPW Group) operates trading platforms for shares, treasury and corporate bonds, derivatives, electricity and gas, and provides indices and benchmarks including WIBOR and WIBID. The index agent FTSE Russell has classified the Polish capital market as a Developed Market since 2018. For more informationvisit 

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