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Growth in Georgia a catalyst for flourishing cultural sector

As Georgia continues to navigate the complexities of a changing world, the interconnection between economic progress and cultural enrichment will remain crucial.

In an era defined by global geopolitical tensions, Georgia stands out as a remarkable example of resilience and growth amid heightened global uncertainty. Over the years, Georgia has undergone a profound economic and social transformation driven by its steadfast commitment to economic reforms and progressive development initiatives.

This dedication has garnered significant attention from international observers, solidifying Georgia’s position as one of the most attractive and innovative markets in the region.

The transformation has been made possible through a series of critical market reforms, including the liberalisation of trade policies and the streamlining of regulation, but also because of the rapid development of local companies and technologies. These strategic changes have fostered a business-friendly environment that welcomes both foreign and local investments. Last year, Georgia’s economy grew over 10 per cent, and healthy grow is expected to continue this year.

While it is crucial to acknowledge the complex dynamics that the conflict in Ukraine and Georgia’s proximity to Russia have introduced to its political and economic landscape, with many Russians fleeing the war by escaping to Georgia, Georgia’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia have always enhanced its appeal as an investment destination, offering access to diverse markets and a rich pool of young, skilled professionals.

In the face of these multifaceted challenges, Georgia’s resilience and adaptability continue to shine through.

Cultural growth

Today, one of the pivotal sectors contributing to Georgia’s economic and technological transformation is the telecommunications industry, which has witnessed substantial growth over the years.

The leading telecommunication companies in the country, Silknet, a subsidiary of the Silk Road Group, has played a key role in shaping the nation’s business environment in recent years. From the introduction of new streaming services and apps to the creation of key communications infrastructure, the company remains an innovator in this field in Georgia, and today provides mobile and fixed services to more than two million customers across the country via a vast digital ecosystem.

Silknet’s vision extends beyond providing essential telecommunications services; it is a catalyst for business, sports and cultural growth in Georgia.

It continues to support a number of important local organisations and causes, from the Georgian Ski Federation (which thanks to Silknet’s support hosted the Freestyle, Free Ski and Snowboard World Championship this year) and the national skiing team to the Tsinandali Festival, the most prominent classical music festival in the country and a festival that has attracted international attention, which Silknet has sponsored since its inception.

Silknet brought National Geographic to Georgia 11 years ago and has been instrumental in making its content accessible to Georgian readers ever since.

The company also supports the Wounded Warrior Support Foundation, which provides for wounded Georgian veterans and their families, in relation to their health, education and livelihoods. For a country with so many recent wars, those at Silknet believe it is important to honour those who fought for their country or were on international peace missions.

These projects reflect Silknet’s values, contributing and supporting art, culture and education, and have one thing in common – they are very important to the development of Georgia and are helping to popularise it on an international level.

George Ramishvili, the founder of the Silk Road Group, speaks passionately about the potential for growth in Georgia and Silknet’s continued support for cultural initiatives: “Over the years, Georgia has experienced a positive economic and social transformation, and 2023’s Tsinandali Festival is a testament to that growth. This year’s festival marks not just a celebration of culture and art, but also highlights that Georgia has a lot to offer to the world.

“Silknet, as a modern and innovative telecommunications company, continues to emphasize its most important values and motives: to support the development of education, culture and innovation in the whole country. Our vision is not only to promote art but contribute to the cultural development of Georgia by showcasing it on the world stage.”

Tsinandali Festival

Spirit of collaboration

Tsinandali Festival, with its scale and cultural significance, has become one of the most important cultural events for the whole country as it today attracts a number of renowned international musicians and artists, including the Pan-Caucasian Youth Orchestra.

This orchestra gathers talented musicians from across the Caucasus and Black Sea – including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Ukraine – and gives them an opportunity to learn from, practice and work with the classical music’s mega-stars of today, while sharing a message of peace and dialogue.

As Georgia continues to navigate the complexities of a changing world, the interconnection between economic progress and cultural enrichment will remain crucial.

In the spirit of collaboration and shared vision, the private sector’s support for the wider socio-cultural development of the country reflects the broader narrative of Georgia’s journey towards resilience and prosperity. It also shows that technology and culture are closely connected, and that the private sector must play a role in the economy that is not merely for-profit and transactional.

Silknet’s work in this area, and the success of the cultural initiatives it sponsors, serves as a reminder that economic growth cannot exist in isolation from the socio-cultural growth of the population.

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