Armenian Smart Home Devices Make European Market Entry

Heltun, an Armenian start-up, has begun exporting its smart home product to the European market, having secured distribution channels in both western and eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.

The driving idea being the smart home concept is to save energy. Heltun produces smart thermostats allow consumers to save up to 50 per cent of the energy currently being used for heating and cooling houses. The thermostats can be controlled remotely with a phone or tablet.

“We had the opportunity to manufacture the devices in China or elsewhere in Europe, but for us it was important to create a product which is both designed and manufactured in Armenia, a country which has already established itself as a supplier of high-quality software to the world market,” said Ashot Mashuryn, the founder of Heltun.

Sergey Poltorak, the director of Heltun’s Russian distribution company, believes that a combination of elegant design, high quality and competitive price will mean that Armenia soon becomes a leader on the smart home market.

Heltun’s products are not limited to temperature regulation. Its devices can automatically control lighting, curtains, windows, doors, locks and much else.

Smart home systems represent one of the fastest growing areas of the tech market, with global value expected to reach 53 billion US dollars by 2020, more than double the 24 billion US dollars the market was worth in 2016.