Bioinformatics leader Seven Bridges expands Serbian operations to Novi Sad

Boston-based Seven Bridges, a leading bioinformatics solution provider, has announced plans to expand its Serbia operations into Novi Sad, in support of a growing customer base and to expedite product innovation.

Seven Bridges offers products and services for researchers focused on leveraging genomic data to inform the discovery and development of transformational precision medicines across a wide range of disease states.

“Software engineers in the Novi Sad office will contribute to ambitious and challenging projects that serve scientists around the world,” commented Mladen Srdić, chief technology officer, Seven Bridges. “Working closely with functions across the organisation, team members will be defining and implementing solutions for efficient data management, computational infrastructure, and user-friendly, interactive analysis visualizations to name a few,” added Mr Srdić.

“Over the past 18 months, we have experienced significant growth within the biopharma and biotech markets,” said Bruce Press, chief revenue officer, Seven Bridges. “This growth is driven by our products and services enabling organisations to optimise their R&D processes and reduce the time, cost and risk associated with bringing new products to market.”

Seven Bridges currently employs the largest bioinformatics team in the Balkan region, based in Belgrade, is a co-founder of the Digital Serbia Initiative, and has helped pioneer the technological transformation of the Serb capital over the past decade.

“Our expansion in Serbia is pivotal to continuing our growth trajectory within the biopharma market and directly in line with our strategic plan,” said Bill Moss, CEO, Seven Bridges.