Croatian start-up Smile Air to launch operations in 2020


Croatian start-up Smile Air has announced that it anticipates launching operations in 2020 with two Embraer E190 jets for year-round operations, which would be followed by the lease of an Airbus A321 for seasonal purposes.

“We would like to start operations at the end of this year, but it will be difficult to do so, as we need to secure the right aircraft for the market,” said one of the carrier’s co-founders, Nino Borić.

“Prices are currently too high. We are in no real hurry but we want to make this a sustainable and long-term project void of any mistakes. In addition, obtaining flight permits also takes some time, so we hope to launch in 2020.”

The Zagreb-based start-up said it is in the process of obtaining an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), enabling it to launch commercial operations. The airline will initially operate in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, while worldwide operations are also planned.