Georgia Launches Amazon-Like Platform

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Georgia has announced ambitious plans to create a new digital commerce platform similar to Amazon. The launch is planned for May 2018. Georgia’s Minister of Economic and Sustainable Development, Dimitri Kumsiashvili said that the platform will support small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia by enabling them to sell a variety of products to a wide audience.

“There are lots of examples of how digital commerce platforms have changed the culture of trade,” he said. “These companies, such are ebay, Amazon or Alibaba are giants. Not only does digital commerce help businesses to sell their products but it offers a global market and hands real choice to consumers.”

The Georgian government has confirmed that the leading provider of the service will be the publicly-owned Georgian postal service, which currently offers a number of different services to the citizens of Georgia. Mr Kumsiashvili believes that to make the digital commerce platform work, the cooperation of the post office is essential.