INA launches start-up programme for retail, mobility and energy

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Croatian oil company INA has launched its first start-up programme, in cooperation with incubators and co-working spaces Algebra LAB, Step RI and ZICER.

Through the programme, INA aims to reach all those people in Croatia who are trying to turn their ideas into a business, through innovative solutions that address various problems. The programme will focus on retail, mobility and energy, as well as other challenges that may be relevant.

“INA has launched a comprehensive start-up programme to attract innovative ideas, teams and start-ups in line with its own development vision, which monitors changes in the market in order adapt to new customer habits and remain their first choice in the long run,” commented Marijan Mrkonjic, director of new businesses at INA.

“INA and oil refining have always been synonymous with hi-tech production and industrial application of new knowledge in Rijeka,” said Boris Golob, director of Step RI. “This joint incubation programme opens up a new dimension for our start-ups and is also very important as a symbol of Rijeka’s technological re-industrialisation and the creation of a modern, innovation-based economy.”