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Romania’s counterfeit protest

Romania’s government would like you to believe that hundreds of thousands of ordinary people took to the streets of the country’s capital Bucharest on the evening of June 9, demonstrating against alleged abuses being carried out by the judiciary and the secret services: what the government likes to call ‘the parallel state’. Indeed, according to television news channels loyal to the government, it was the biggest public demonstration the country had seen since 1989’s revolution.

The truth is rather different.

In fact, the ‘demonstration’ was a carefully stage-managed event which drew on the vast resources of both the country’s ruling political party, the Social Democrats (PSD), as well as those of the Romanian state itself.

Extra trains were laid on by CFR, Romanian railways, to ship thousands of obedient pensioners and civil servants into Bucharest, the Romanian capital. Coach and transport companies had their vehicles requisitioned by PSD-controlled local councils under threat of losing municipal contracts. Bucharest’s mayor, the spiky Gabriela Firea, welcomed the hordes. Roads in the north of the capital were closed, and the huge public square in front of the government building, Piata Victoriei, was off-limits to anyone but the PSD faithful. The government building itself was draped in an enormous Romanian flag. Parliament handed its vast car park, usually reserved only for dignitaries, over to the PSD for the day.

Not everyone present wanted to be there. On a portal specially created by a human rights NGO, hundreds of stories were published telling of people being forced to attend the demonstration else they lose their jobs, including teachers and medical staff. For many people in Romania’s small towns and villages – where mayors are all-powerful – the threats were real.

Indeed, for a demonstration which ostensibly set out to protest against alleged abuses being carried out by a rather vague, foreign-controlled ‘parallel state’, all the event managed to do was confirm the fact that it is the ruling party itself which has now captured almost the entire Romanian state. Reductio ad Ceausescum is all too easy on occasions such as this, but the comparisons are valid: there is now almost no separation between the ruling party and the Romanian state. It is no longer a government, it is a regime.

On June 8 the verdict in the trial of PSD leader Liviu Dragnea – charged with corruption and already serving a suspended sentence for rigging an election – was once again delayed by Romania’s Supreme Court, this time until June 21. By then Dragnea hopes to have removed Laura Codruta Kovesi, the courageous and highly-effective boss of the country’s anti-corruption unit, the DNA, from office.

A ruling on May 31 by Romania’s Constitutional Court (on which judges loyal to the regime have a majority) would appear to have achieved that aim: the court ruled that President Klaus Iohannis must dismiss Ms Kovesi, as ordered to do so some months ago by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader. Iohannis has so far refused to comply with the court’s ruling. Should he delay much longer he is likely to be suspended by the PSD-controlled parliament, allowing an interim president, likely to be Senate leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu – a close ally of Dragnea – to remove the awkward Kovesi.

As such, June 9’s phoney demonstration was really a show of strength by the regime and an attempt to claim vast public support for its ongoing attempts to gain control of the two branches of power which have so far managed to remain outside of its grasp: the presidency and (part of) the justice system.

Indeed, a senior PSD figure, Nicolae Badalau, somewhat gave the game away on June 7 when he said that the protest was needed because there were still some parts of the state that were “acting independently.”

It may backfire.

For a start, the event – though well-attended – was a media disaster. The speeches made by PSD leaders were poor, and raised little enthusiasm. Dragnea’s speech was sinister, and ended with a direct attack on the president. Yet it roused barely a handful of people. By the time the PSD top brass had gathered on stage to sing the national anthem and close out the evening, many thousands had already begun to head for their trains and coaches home. Nobody was listening anymore.

A similar show of force in the autumn of 2014 is widely considered to have been a key blow to former PSD leader Victor Ponta’s chances of winning that year’s presidential election (he eventually lost out to Iohannis). Held at Romania’s national stadium that particular event, on Ponta’s birthday no less, reminded many people of similarly megalomaniac public displays of affection for the country’s former dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. Ponta, who has since left the PSD and is currently trying to reinvent himself as a genuine, European-style social democrat, has since claimed that he thought the whole thing was a bad idea.

However, the location for June 10’s phoney demonstration was chosen more carefully.

Piata Victoriei has since January 2017 been the scene of numerous protests against the PSD-led government and its craven attempts to weaken the justice system. In early February 2017 more than 300,000 people packed the square to protest a government decree that would have seen corruption charges against many leading politicians dropped.

The next move belongs to Mr Iohannis, widely viewed as the last good man standing. Should he comply with the Constitutional Court’s decision and fire Ms Kovesi he would alienate much of his support and would be finished as a politician in Romania. He may not care: he is rumoured to be the odds-on favourite to take over the presidency of the European Council from Donald Tusk next year.

If he does not sack the DNA boss, he will be suspended by parliament and will 30 days later face a recall referendum (which he is likely to win). His other – nuclear – option is to resign and force an early presidential election (which again, he is likely to win). Given how the presidency has in recent weeks been stripped of most of its remaining powers, he might well consider that it is simply not worth the bother.

That leaves Romania in the hands of the PSD, these days resembling an organised crime syndicate which long ago gave up pretending to be a democratic political party. Since it returned to office following 2016’s parliamentary elections it has spent almost all of its time and effort on keeping its leading figures out of prison, and its blindly loyal coalition of pensioners and civil servants happy with meagre pension and pay rises and promises of more.

Meanwhile, inflation is at its highest level in a decade – the highest in the EU – and the state coffers are empty. Investment has ground to a halt while infrastructure creaks, infamously worse than even neighbouring Bulgaria. More than 17 per cent of children do not finish school. Almost half of young people under 18 are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The in-work poverty rate is Europe’s highest. Talented young people are leaving the country in record numbers, as are experienced doctors. A measles epidemic has killed more than 50 people, mostly young children. There is a chronic shortage of medicine, particularly for cancer patients.

Business, riding a wave of regional growth, has so far weathered the storm. But with growth now slowing, many entrepreneurs are concerned about a return to crony capitalism and constant changes to fiscal policy, as well as a plan to raid private pensions. Foreign investor confidence has fallen considerably.

Romania is running out of time.

Photo: Bogdan Buda/Inquam Photos


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  • The Romanian Constitutional Court that decided Kovesi has to be removed is the same Constitutional Court that decided that Mr. Dragnea can’t be prime minister after his party won the ellection, having been convincted for asking people to come and vote in a refferendum to suspend the former president Traian Basescu, the man who appointed Kovesi in the first place. The Social Democratic party won the Romanian ellection with the highest score ever achieved by a party in the history of Romanian democracy, so there s no question about the support of the Romanian people. Shame on whoever wrote this manipulative article. I hope facts get cheked and this website will apologise to those people in the streets protesting against a system that enslaved and held Romania back for over 10 years.

    • “The Social Democratic party won the Romanian ellection with the highest score ever achieved by a party in the history of Romanian democracy, so there s no question about the support of the Romanian people”

      Read slowly what I`m about to tell you. It’s simple math, using numbers. Should be easy to understand even for a narrow minded like you:

      PSD + ALDE parties won ellection with ~ 3.4 million votes.
      Klaus Iohannis won presidential election with 6 million votes.

      Who’s entitled to be representative to what the people want ? : )

      • so you’re saying the parliament should be dissolved so one man rules and does what he wants?
        Wonder what those countries where one man rules everything are called. Wonder why we lost 29 years of life when all people want is communism.

        • Except I didn’t. This is your own imagination.
          Stop implying stuff I didn’t say 😉

          I was just countering/disabling your reason of “we are the majority, this is what the people want”. [no, you are not!] 6million > 3.4million BY A LOT !

          Your party has majority and can do WHATEVER IT LIKES, unlike the president. Yet somehow you need a protest for what ??!!? Romania is the 1st democratic country EVER that holds a protest for the ruling party.

    • “there s no question about the support of the Romanian people”
      Ian, the voters for the PSD party were a minority of the actual number of voters. Search the numbers if you care for some real information.
      Yes, PSD won the elections, but only because many people refused to vote. Therefore, PSD won about 45% of the votes, but only from about 40% of the real number of registered voters. 60% did not vote!
      In real numbers, PSD is supported by only 20% of the Romanians, so there is a big question about the support of the Romanian people. We are not thieves!

    • Actually the Romanian Constitution states black on white that convicted assholes can’t be prime minister. The second part you got right. The Constitutional Court decided that Kovesi has to be removed based on a technicality. Also let’s keep in mind that beside Mr. Rudotel Toader(Justice Minister) every institution that had something to say about it recommended to keep Kovesi in office.

      Short conclusion: stay on your meds and stop watching Latrina3.

      • insults and insults everywhere from #rezist.
        be proud. hey you can also smash some old people skulls next time you go to rally “un-organized” as you’ve done before.

        • You should save your comments so that your children and your grandchildren could see the man you were and your part of stealing their future. It’s so sad to see people selling themselves. Maybe your doing it for you family maybe only for the money, whatever the reason I hope you understand in the end what your doing. You should have your one opinions , and you should fight for righteousness…not for this..never for this. We don’t have a rich history but we had people who sacrificed themselves so that we can have opinions and be able to contradict each other. Don’t be part of distroing that..look in the mirror man and see what you have become.

      • The same Constitution states black on white that Kovesi should go and your idiot President has to sign , but it looks like you have no fucking ideea what the Constitution is :))))) Stop giving your idiot opinion, everybody can see how stupid you are. Adios and kiss your mommy for me :))))

        • “ The Constitution states black on white” ? Then, darling, you should read it again, that is exactly the problem, when the Minister chose the prosecutor he can refuse to name the one they choose, but when he has to revoke him/her it doesn’t state if he is obliged or he can also refuse to do so. This is why there are lots of arguments about this. Maybe the laws are not good enough and maybe if they would write everything down and not leave room for discussion, things like this wouldn’t happen. So maybe you should go get a degree in law if you know much better what the Consitution is then lots of people who work in the field of law. I guess your engineer and farmer are not idiots if they gathered hundred of thousand of people that they bribed with money and a free trip to the capital. Of course they want to dismiss Kovesi because she is against all of your thieves and criminals. Oh, by the way many of those who really rule have criminal files opened.

      • @ Dobrea Andrei
        AUDI ALTERAM PARTEM is way above the par of professional hater that bask on their own hate and marinate in their own dejection of stupidity and frustration.

        In a proper debate calling names just disqualify yourself and fully justify the other to shut you down way before you even have a chance to reach the beef of the matter (presuming that you are willing and able to do that)

        Ref. “state black on white” please be so kind to quote the “black and white” article and paragraph because in your case just the fact that you are saying it does not cut it to me due to the above-mentioned reasons.

    • Only 16% of people who had right to vote presented themselves at those election.
      Unfortunately this article presents the current situation of Roumania very well. It is an objective view of things.

        • Typical PSD lapdogs. When you have nothing intelligent to say, just start throwing shit to people so maybe they will scare away.

          Your arguments are basically: “It’s as I say or you are all idiots”. Reminds me of the Communism era when you were not entitled to your own opinion.

    • `They won with 18 % , 61 % did not vote at all , 21 % voted with a fragmented opposition .Highest score in history ! a 29 year old history mind you that consisted of rigged votes constantly

    • Part of PSDs votes includes dead people, they are known for fraudulent activity when it comes to votes. Logically, they are a mafia after all, in charge of local councils and the parliament. They are involved in schools, medical institutions and all local administrations. People were threatened with losing their jobs to sit on a bus for 10 hours, just to stand for another 5 hours. There’s proof that some people came just to “see Bucharest “. Those people were mostly gypsies and old people, both being a sensitive group. Those people came with fabricated mesaages against Kovesi and Iohannis, but complained about the poverty and problems PSD created for all of us!! Iohannis has been President for a couple years but our problems started right after ’89. Corruption isn’t new! Theives and mafia have been thriving here ever since. People are being manipulated through Antena 3, RomaniaTV and others to pinpoint the balme on whomever is convenient for the mafia. PSD is cancer for our country and everyone knows it. PSD counts on poverty stricken people to vote for them by literally paying them or giving out free goods. Also, 3 million people does not represent a majority in this country. Those who voted for PSD are only beneficiaries of corruption or the victims that have it the worst and don’t know better. Now tell me, who pays you to write these comments? Is 10-20 euros worth being part of this cancer?

  • A spot on article.
    But sadly, even the fake news media are outnumbering 5to1. It’s so hard to find real news , even for someone with fairly a good know,how like me. Not to mention the television ratio it,s even worse. We literally have only 2 televisions left to inform the reality.

    The rulling party has only 2 more years of power. But that,s more than enough for them to set us back with another 10 years of economy…

    I,m sad. Enraged at the obvious scene play. Hoping for the best… But don’t know for how much long.

    • Not to mention they tried to compare a summer warm evening carefully planned protest (where ppl came like to a cocnert), with a self-driven riot that was held in the middle of the winter on minus 5-10 degrees. And still got outnumbered.

      Pathetic. And another thing that drives me mad. They try to steal our symbol: Piata Victoriei. Unforgivable !

      • “Self-driven” riot? Riots, not riot and established on social media over and over again, not “self-driven”. More than that those riots were not approved by the administration, althought they were planned times before.
        Manipulative comment and extremely manipulative article.
        Very sad!… 🙁

        • Yes self driven means we came by choice. The fact that we organized ourselves on Facebook with details on location time, etc cannot be compared with the farse that we witnessed yesterday. The differences are very very obvious: nobody organized transport for us, nobody gave us posters or food or water, we had no stage, the police were against us, the weather was against us.. etc. With all these we were there evening after evening and had our voices heard. WE LEFT NO LITTER! We were civilized. If you compare this two protests in good faith and still do not see which one was the genuine then you wither need a checkup or you are just another aparatchik..

        • What do you have to say about all the organizing done by the local administrations that ORDERED ignorant people to march for something they don`t even know. Those people that gather to fight corruption are people with studies, that came to stay in the winter by themselves, by their choice, on their money to fight for the last hope, to have a reason not to emigrate. What happen with this gave all the intellectuals and rational people a reason to be afraid for what is happening and what will come. Debts and debts that we will pay with the increase taxes while nothing has been done, not one road, not one hospital, not one school. Circus for the fools. Those people are already getting what they voted for and we saw it on their faces: MISERY! They deserve it. All the educated people already left and keep on leaving. Romania has the highest emigration rates in the world. We will leave you with those people here to keep complaining and share the poverty and misery you elected. Being ruled by people with no studies is what this country deserves. But also all the workers emigrate. I wonder why? how many of those people have relatives that send them money from abroad to help them with their 100 euros pensions and 250 euros salary.

        • :))))))) 50 Ron+TVA per comment?

          Not approved by what administration?! Is the mayor of Bucharest not the infamous PSD trumpet Mrs. Gabriela Firea? Do we not have hundreds of examples of local authorities blocking protest all over Romania? You are indeed very sad…if you compare a protest organized by PSD over a 1 yr period with social media organized protest over 1 week. Keep in mind the financial and man power of PSD and then go back to your doctor. You need a refill on your prescription.

    • one of the news outlets that supports your “down with the government” cause is in bankruptcy for 7 years and yet they somehow keep airing daily with “reporters”, “journalists”, equipment, bills being somehow paid.

      Can someone in the right mind explain how this “independent objective & politically un-biased” Realitatea TV keeps existing?

      • Can you go learn some economics and how firms and companies actually work ?
        If it was by your narrow mind logic, in 2016 80% of american car companies would have been erased on bankruptcy reasons.
        Read more , talk less. Thanks.

  • Unfortunatly, a true radiography of the present Romanian society. At the same time, Romania has been a loyal member of the European Union, and society, for the most part, shares European values. the question that will naturally be asked in this case is: what will the European Union do for Romania, without interfering or decriminalizing the rule of law at the same time? Romania will be a stronger partner / ally as an incorruptible state. If it does not act in any way, the European Union will also lose the support of the Romanian society, with which it still shares the same principles.

    • Best comment. Ok, we have a great article that states things AS THEY REALLY ARE. Though many trolls with surprisingly good English are here to say otherwise – and the main issue at hand after reading the article, remains in what is there to be done for this situation to stop? Why are we even part of EU if there is no interference in this situation? You basically have all of a country’s population taking one side or another: ONE mainly made up of urban, literate, intellectual, well-read and informed, young and hard working with wages that can be placed in a medium category who gather willingly, on their own and in any weather conditions for several days – hundreds by now – who are against the ruling few who hold power and encourage laws favorable for only themselves that prolongue the corruption which has stalled the country’s progress VERSUS the OTHER: state assisted (the first basically pay their pension, for them to procreate without measure and stay home on social support), low pay unskilled workers, from rural of poorer counties, mostly illiterate, old, mis-informed and easily manipulated, all being brought (most by force as the article also mentions) in trains and busses that were organized for them by the same political party guilty for this mess, that they elected in exchange for food or under the same threatening techniques utilized now. It all looked like a circus, and their main agenda – discrediting the authority that fights against corruption – is clearly something over which the EU should take a stand.

  • A lot of “protesters” come from regions of Romania where they don’t have running water, streets are covered in mud, illiterate. Yet you see them holding juridical messages which is laughable.
    These are the beggars of Romania, the sector that prefer to vote and receive, work is something alien.

      • I’m curious, what’s the going rate for comments? is it still 50 RON? because you, with your retardedness, you definitely earned your 50 RON/day. yes, insulting people, because you, sir, deserve it, you’re an idiot. PSD is a synonym for corruption and degradation, and when one supports that.. then that said person is also the definition of an IDIOT. check the word ‘idiot’ or ‘pesedist’ on, you might find your picture there

  • people that participated at this meeting, didn’t even know why they were there. they left in the middle of the speach of Liviu Dragnea the leade of PSD party. so this tells a lot about PSD. not to metion the dirt they left behind. the people that you saw there are poor people, sick people, 200 people need medical care. this meeting made me puke. it was sad to see poor people there who were so tired and most of them had no idea what Dragnea was talking. so sad!!!

  • Emerging Europe, are you some sort of NGO? I seem to find very biased articles on your website. Real Journalism should take an objective stand to things and present the facts instead of “Viktor Orban can now do whatever he likes” – omg, population should quickly take to the streets.
    And I’m not even a fan of Orban (keeping in mind Romania and Hungary), but I cannot fail to see how this site has some kind of agenda to be run for certain interests

    Getting back to the actual article.
    What you fail to say is that during the protests organized by Soros’s aggressive NGOs (against the Government), people did travel from the country to Bucharest on a FREE RIDE as well, given that young people up to 25 have a free ride by train anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the socialists party.

    Also for those that want to see the truth it’s not that hard to spot the difference between the numbers that joined yesterday and the peak day of the Soros NGO rallies. All they need to do is use pictures taken from your “loyal to the cause-against the government until we die” news outlets. If they look at the pictures taken from same angles of both rallies anyone can see who has more. Nobody should believe me when saying boulevards were full way beyond the plaza.

    Look at the pictures if in your conception the street dictates who gets to rule in a democratic country & who is right.
    Truth is that in both instances (taking the street into consideration or taking the vote into consideration) those supporting the Anti Corruption Directorate abuses lose.
    Why? because the Government is the result of a massive vote that people gave out in winter of 2016 for the socialists and ALDE party. More than 50% for just two parties. And one more thing: cleanest elections ever as stated by European Monitors.

    Now in regards to “organization”. you call NGOs asking people to come to the street as not being organized, yet this rally held yesterday was shamefully organized?

    Suits your speech I guess, but truth hurts again. The last rally against the government, held just recently was organized over social media for 1 and a half months. 6 weeks of daily messages spread out to population over facebook, instagram and twitter messages.
    Only 3500 turned out. Not to mention those rallies were illegal given that no approval was requested.

    Not many left supporting this oppression apparatus called Anti Corruption Directorate, which can easily be compared to a present day gestapo.

    Real corruption files were used as leverage to obtain international support for the Directorate. No actual intent to solving the problems of the country. I would like to remember Microsoft case for 75 million euro and the EADS file for 750 million euro.
    That’s why Embassies started screaming their lungs out every single time someone tried touching Kovesi and her Directorate. Because they knew they are screwed if she leaves.

    Now that the Constitutional Court clearly stated the Ministry of Justice is the one that says if Kovesi should go or not, the Embassies kept their mouth shut.
    Even they can’t go that far and say the Constitutional Court is wrong and shouldn’t be listened to.

    President still failing to sign the Kovesi lay-off almost 3 days after the Constitutional Court gave its verdict.
    Come on Mr President, come out and say the Constitutional court is corrupt.
    Throw this country in deeper dirt because you’ve been doing this for the past 3 years.

    and yes i was paid to write all this, as all those people were paid to come out in the streets yesterday :))

    Opposition simply does not want to realize they are on the wrong tracks in their primitive approach to politics of 2018. All they do is simply try to bash ALL the ideas and attempts of the ruling coalition at pushing this country to have its engine restarted.

    fiscal laws, taxation, paycheck increase in strategic public areas like healthcare system, education and enforcement, usage of European funds (now at the last moment before losing them), restart of the agricultural system so we stop being dependent on imports.

    All these were simply bashed by the opposition in every single way they could trying to make people think these will take Romania into another depression. Rather take a risk at trying than to stand and do nothing.

    Dear opposition, Romania woke up.

    • Do you actually know what NGO means?!

      No point in actually trying to dismantle your arguments. Too much non sense. Too many half truths.

      Please PM me with a bank account. I want to donate to your meds bill. It’s obvious you can’t afford them anymore.

      • you cannot dismantle, because you don’t have counterarguments. Bringing facts of well known cases to the table (available for everyone to read through on the all mighty internet), you resort to insults.

        One more round of insults please mr #rezist
        Not many left huh?

      • “please PM me with a bank account” – no thanks, not taking soros money.

        This, ladies and gentlemen, shows how “hard” some people work for their money.
        They get money for doing nothing and they are ok with throwing it away just to try and prove some kind of superiority when their system starts failing and breaking apart.

        #rezist at its finest.

        on an even more serious note, wonder if you are just as careful with giving money and moral support to your grandparents and parents if they need it OR if you are one of those that goes to the streets and wishes death to pensioners just because you were told that the pension increase will take Romania to another great depression

    • Congrats man, your post is definitely based on the facts and it’s totally true. It’s really the only thing worth reading in this page. Congrats again!

  • This article is spot on.i left Romania since Feb, because exactly thos.stability in Ro is’s corrupt in all have no security for the future.ask Facebook how many fake accounts they closed lately, because the supporters of Dragnea keep creating them to try and disinform….

    • I wonder how much it costs to bring people in Bucharest? We have to pay for the buses too? I guess being in psd pays well these days since you all trolls activated just to post here..

  • Ăștia santem noi poporul ,romania.tu nu vb nimic de abuzuri sau esti platit de soros?Pai tu pe ce lume trăiești sau esti acoperit?Pai cand sa iesit la colectiv in strada din toate partidele ,atunci se făcea marea schimbare dar la negocieri cu președintele s-au dus tot ei intre ei adică ong -uri ale lor sponsorizată de soros.sant înregistrări pe youtube cine a fost la întâlnire.practic ă fost furat protestul. Ieri la protest au fost si alde si pnțcd și oameni fără partide. Asta este adevarul.

  • This is exactly what happened! Many Romaniens who didn’t want to participate but were in one way or another dependent on the people of the ruling party were constrained to participate. They were told that they will be fired or lose social benefits. Bussines people were told they will not receive contracts with the state anymore if they don’t help bring people from orher cities on their expense. Highschool students were also pursued to participate for benefits given by teachers.

  • It is a fake story. Full of presumptions. Is your opinion, nothing more. Every party has the right to manifest, this is democracy, isn’t it? we can choose what to believe.

  • Counterfeit meeting? Really? How did you find out that? Did somebody just gave you the article , $500 and…Bingo, here it come? I’ve never heard of your publication or your name but I found your article on Facebook and I start investigating , thing that you didn’t do before you did put your name under it :)) I am tired of manipulation and the idiots taking money or not to write an article! Why don’t you do your work before writing something? If you are doing this manipulation without knowing it , it means you are incompetent! If you are doing id knowing the truth…is even worse, you are a crook!

  • :)) this article is mostly fake. Probably written by Romanian ONGs. I’ve been there. There were more than 400k people. In Romania, same as in USA, Soros paid big times to take control over the state. The organizers won the elections but some annoying #resist (yes, same as in USA) were asked to try to set the government on fire. So a counter event was created. Of course the ruling party facilitated this manifestation with logistic. And it’s normal to facilitate your own event. Anyway, Romania is tired of ties between secret services and judges, prosecutors, state agencies. There were thousands of innocent people kept in jail, the verdicts were dictated by either outside or by secret services, prosecutors were made judges and judged their own files, local business was killed and things were running just as they ran on Soviet era by Stalin. So, please, sign your article before offending Romanian citizens

    • #rezist and the 20 ONG’s behind it have all 10 of the biggest layer firms in the country to back them up, and all these firms are funded by George Soros with direct payment information. This is not a lie, it’s just a public information that people don’t like to read.

  • I am sorry to say, but I am wishing for Soros to die, so you idiots can stop blaming him for everything. You simply cannot face the truth, isn’t it? You cannot believe that what is happening is true. What is easier to explain, PSD fighting for absolute power or some senile old man conspiring to take … what exactly ?? If you think him sooooo powerful, why is he not winning? Trump is president, we have Brexit, we have Orban, we still have these PSD idiots, … Where is that almighty influence you are warning us about. I cannot see it. I am praying for it, but I fear, much like all religions, this is simply a fairy tale! SO GROW UP!!

  • I don’t know what is worse. The fact that you sleep at night knowing what complete garbage lies you just wrote, or the fact that you blame a political party for making a country better now than it was for the past 14 years. Complete lobotomization of the youth. Never has it been that Romania was filled with more hate and with less pride than it is today, and all because of articles like this. If you can tell me 1 fact, just one, that with former governments, life for you, your child, your father and mother, your grandparents and the people you know was better then you have a point. But if you compare REAL information that is PUBLIC not the garbage that is spewed out by fake media, you will understand the truth. All in all it’s sad to see the hate and all the bad that is now affecting all the people in the country. And articles like this just make the situation worse…

    • “the fact that you blame a political party for making a country better now than it was for the past 14 years”

      :)))))))))))))))) :)))))))))))))))))))) :))))))))))

      Wow, you must be a special kind of lying shit ! I mean even trolling for money has its standards.

  • Thank you Romanian Secret Service for this article.
    I hope the author is payed by Soros because otherwise it is the biggest idiot!
    Only an idiot can believe a country cannot survive without Koveshy and only a moron can say that a few protesters brainwashed are more important than democratic elections.


    There are many trolls hired by the PSD party to try to contest legitimacy of this article. They will tell you everything is fake, that media is controlled by Soros and the usual b*shit we are hearing for some time now, when you try to silence someone’s opinion.

    Luckily there is this movie, from where you can watch for yourself the kind of people that came to this protest. Of course it’s not all of them, but it’s the large majority. You don’t even have to understand Romanian to see the fakeness and the way they forced and manipulated people to come to this “meeting”.

    Just to put in perspective, please understand that in rural and small city Romania mayors and local bosses make the rules. They can easily force people under their command (and not only) to join a meeting that they are not particularly keen on. Adding some extra intensives helps as well also.

    In contrast, have a look at the demonstrations from last year and compare the realness and whereabouts of people attending that.


  • One of the most corrupt countries in the world….what do you expect ?
    Communism took care of our elites, schools are literally falling on our children, that results in a sky high level of uneducated people that are easily manipulated by those in power.
    Anybody saying else is either blind or in business with the corrupt and don’t want their empire to fall.

    It’s a pity !

  • Any kind of fight against criminal globalist soros , who swallowed Romania is welcome . Staged or not , the saturday demonstration is against the huge abuses and corruption of the roumanian gouvernment , against the merkel puppet = johannis , and scums macovei , ponta kovesi and all the rest .
    PSD , as it is ( and nothing is perfection this world) is better than the rest, just because is against satan soros ( who bought also the author of this article) , and against the most horrible kalergy plan , against the nazi european community , who already and practically destroyed a lot of european countries .

  • Eu nu vreau să mă duc la miting pentru Dragnea, dar mă obligă șefu’, zice că mă dă afară de la serviciu dacă nu mă duc. Am familie, am rate, n-am ce face…”

    Așa?! Păi asta înseamnă că nu ești bun de nimic la locul tău de muncă, dacă se poate lipsi instituția de serviciile tale.
    Înseamnă că ai obținut locul cu pile, că altfel nu își permitea nimeni să te șantajeze.
    Înseamnă că ești una dintre slugile vinovate pentru situația în care a ajuns țara, unul care mereu și-a pus interesul deasupra demnității.

    Deci ești un bou! Meriți să suferi! Marș la miting și strigă că-l susții pe Dragnea, pentru că așa e, il susții!

  • How much money does the #rezist payed you to say about their “courageous and highly-effective boss of the country’s anti-corruption unit, the DNA”? You people know nothing and so most of romanian people. They don’t know how to read a law, they don’t know why they are protesting (neither PSD people, neither PNL, neither what beliefs the #rezist have). 97% of the people that protest go in Piata Victoriei because it rather “cool”, or “we must make some money”, or “we must put a selfie so my Facebook think I’m awesome!” It’s a national war (social media war) and nobody is winning because nobody understands the meaning of protest. Now it’s #rezist or #communist. Unfortunately it’s not #romanians.

  • Ignore all those bashful comments that are either inciting to violence or claiming that “it wasn’t a Counterfeit Protest”. It’s clear they are either paid, or influenced by the PSD.
    The protest had been prepared for a long time now. Fliers were distributed all along the country to the simple-minded people, prone to manipulation(and accepting of either free resources or money) for about a week or so. They didn’t envision that these fliers would appear in social medias such as facebook, which was a big mistake on their side. The “meeting with japca” sourced in the articles prove the manipulation done by this corrupt government.

    And worse, this was a common practice in the past as well! By the time I was a high-school student, all students were promised “free watches” and other objects if they would be willing to vote for Victor Ponta, a common PSD tactic to win more votes for their party.
    So it is no mistake that more and more of the youth are about to leave this country: it’s because they are through with all the fake promises and more piling cases of corruption.
    My only wish would be that Klaus Johannis would stand firm through all of this, and that a possible government led by Dacian Ciolos would try to revert all the damage done by such a self-interest led party.

    I cannot believe the catastrophe they had done in such little time. We bear witness of the prices of products getting higher and higher as time passes by, of products that weren’t even that expensive to begin with! A devalued RON!
    Not to say of the decisions where few college students are less likely to get a part-time job, and decisions where retired parliamentarians would receive huge amounts of money in the form of “special pensions”.

    It’s as if this whole system is built against the Romanian people, and would benefit those with political affiliations. Atrocious and despicable!

    A native Romanian student that is sick of all these miserable acts.

  • Ignore the trolls. PSD has many criminals and losers trolling all Internet. like Eliade Petrescu, a troll working day and night on Internet, specially Facebook. It’s the fake account of a PSD council worker in Turda.

    Overall, Romanian politicians are literally rubbish. Most of them are illiterate, the level of IQ is extremely low, and all they do is stealing. They created this propaganda machine, worse than the one during Ceaușescu regime. Good news, they are so stupid that their lies are becoming so obvious.

    Eventually, they will have Ceaușescu faith. Mayor of Bucharest run scared while she was trying to steal some of Simona Halep fame and Simona’s fans booed her. Scared little rats. People will be coming for them sooner rather than later.

  • In Romania there are two types of corrupt politicians. There is the corrupt politician that wants to cooperate within CIA control black markets, and there are those who do not want to cooperate with CIA control black markets. The western intelligence services would like to get rid of the later group of corrupt politicians inside Romania. The CIA and other western intelligence agencies use the black market as an inflation sink for over printed fiat currency and as a source of black budget funding. Much of Europe’s black markets smuggling goes through Romania. The western intelligence agencies want to use “anti-corruption” bodies in Romania that do not want to cooperate with the agendas of the western intelligence agencies. Brian Ghilliotti

    • The western intelligence agencies want to use “anti-corruption” bodies in Romania [against those] that do not want to cooperate with the agendas of the western intelligence agencies. Brian Ghilliotti