Emerging Europe Talks—Redefining branding in life sciences with Nataliya Andreychuk 

Do we need to say that technology is changing every aspect of human life? No, we don’t—and healthcare and life sciences are no exception. Leading pharmaceutical companies explore data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the development and production of new and more effective medicines. Healthcare professionals use virtual reality to improve their skills. Patients use virtual tools to access medical services.  

Both groups consume far more content than ever before. High demand for personalised customer experiences forces companies to invest more in tailored content production.  

“We are all about storytelling, about content” says Nataliya Andreychuk, one of the founders and CEO of Viseven, a MarTech services provider. “We are a digital content agency, a digital content factory for pharmaceutical clients. We create digital content, digital narratives. We create a content strategy, end-to-end marketing services, omni-channel campaigns. We build the entire architecture and infrastructure for marketing content.” 

She speaks with Andrew Wrobel about leadership, entrepreneurship and disruption. One of the biggest disruptions for her was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She turned it into an opportunity and her company’s team has since grown by some 50 per cent, now exceeding 700 people.

This episode is another in a series dedicated to uncovering solutions that will empower Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In the face of constant change and disruption, we find ourselves in a world that is uncertain, incomprehensible, non-linear, complex, brittle and ambiguous. The series is meant to help share insights and foster resilience, strength, adaptability, prosperity, and growth in that exciting part of the world.

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