Emerging Europe Talks Sustainable Impact — Digital perseverance with Microsoft’s Kostas Loukas

Business leaders across the emerging Europe region are grappling with significant economic headwinds and are carefully weighing decisions around strategy and investment. They are looking for ways to reduce operational expenditure, increase productivity and ensure rapid return on capital investments. Efficiency and business resilience have become their top priorities. 

Digitisation helps make businesses stronger, more agile and better positioned to weather unprecedented challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact of the war in Ukraine, or disruptions related to climate change. It also makes companies more secure.  

For businesses looking to increase their security, the best thing they can do is be part of an infrastructure that is equipped to pick up and understand the signals, and ultimately prevent attacks even before they happen. By moving to the cloud, companies can leverage this strength and protect their critical infrastructure. 

Kostas Loukas, General Manager Enterprise at Microsoft CEE, speaks with Andrew Wrobel about digital perseverance — an organisation’s ability to thrive despite risk provided they harness and wield digital technology to achieve their business goals and do more with less. 

They also discuss the areas where that digital perseverance can be built and strengthened — employee productivity, business continuity and supply chain.

This podcast is part of Digital Future of CEE, a regional discussion series, powered by Emerging Europe, Microsoft and PwC.

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