Emerging Europe Talks Sustainable Impact — ESG awareness with Professor Bolesław Rok

Climate change is a serious threat and the costs of not tackling the challenge accordingly will increase over time. According to NASA, 2021 was the sixth hottest year on record, with the planet warming by 1.1°C above the average from the start of the industrial revolution. Greater frequency and severity of climate hazards can create more disruptions in global supply chains — interrupting production, raising costs and prices, and hurting corporate revenues. 

Climate change and the environment appear to be the primary drivers of investment decisions by individuals considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. They are, however, just one of the three areas that ESG concentrates on.

Social and governance factors are still not treated seriously enough. One of the reasons is that they are less measurable than environmental impact, according to Professor Bolesław Rok, an expert on sustainability management, the circular economy, values-driven transformation, and sustainable entrepreneurship. 

In the first episode of the Emerging Europe Talks Sustainable Impact series, Andrew Wrobel speaks with Professor Rok, one of the founders of the Climate Leadership platform for business, powered by UN Environment, the head of Sustainability Transition at Kozminski University in Warsaw and the director of the Positive Entrepreneurship Research Lab. 

They discuss the development of ESG in the emerging Europe region, the challenges that hinder sustainable growth and the factors that need to be improved to accelerate sustainability and awareness between both individuals and corporations in the region. 

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