CEU signs agreement with Munich university to stay in Budapest

The Central European University in Budapest (CEU) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have signed an agreement to launch joint academic programmes.

The two universities will organise seminars, workshops, summer schools, exchange opportunities and joint degree programmes in the fields of politics, society and technology.

The agreement notes however that the Bavarian university’s offer depends on whether the Hungarian government will provide CEU with the ability to operate freely as a US-degree granting institution in Hungary.

“Both parties call on the Hungarian government to provide CEU with the legal guarantees that would make it possible to inaugurate this new chapter in Hungarian and Bavarian academic and scientific cooperation,” CEU officials said in a statement.

The cooperation was originally initiated in March by Manfred Weber, the lead candidate of the European People’s Party for EU Commission president. The Bavarian regional government has offered to partially finance CEU so that it can stay in the Hungarian capital.

In December 2018, CEU announced that it would move its US-accredited degree programmes to Vienna after Hungary’s nationalist government tried to push the university out of the country over its affiliation with its founder, George Soros who is the main target of the government’s propaganda campaign.