Council of Europe commends Ukraine for judicial reform

The Council of Europe (CoE) has praised the reforms implemented by Ukrainian governments between 2014 and 2018, claiming that results show a “positive trend” in improving professionalism, the quality of the judiciary, as well as reducing corruption, Ukrainian news agency UNIAN has reported.

“The Ukrainian authorities have invested very significant efforts into reforming the judiciary and this is to be commended. These impressive efforts in carrying out the legislative amendments as foreseen in the [2015-2020 Justice Sector Reform] Strategy adopted in May 2015 are to be praised,” CoE officials said in a report on Ukraine’s judiciary system and the rule of law, noting that the goals set out in the strategy “have been achieved.”

The report said that around 90 per cent of the strategy’s objectives had already been completed and acknowledged that “this has been done in a very efficient way and in quite a short time compared to other major judicial reforms and lustration or cleansing procedures.”