Croatia invests in real estate energy efficiency

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) have signed an agreement worth two million euros to increase the energy efficiency of the country’s buildings. Municipalities will also be eligible to benefit from the programme to improve city lighting networks.

“Today, we agreed to increase the energy efficiency of Croatian businesses and municipalities and contribute towards safer streets for citizens,” said the Vice President of the EIB, Vazil Hudak. “I encourage businesses and municipalities to apply to HBOR and help not just themselves and Croatia, but the entire planet.”

The partnership will support eligible entities to invest more than 57 million euros in energy efficiency, save up to 35 GWh of energy each year and reduce CO2 emissions. The deal will improve around 130,000 square metres of public and private building space and increase street safety with around 60,000 improved lighting posts across Croatia.

“I am confident that project documentation financing for energy efficiency projects will further stimulate activities in this area, which means, in addition to reducing energy consumption, boosting activities of the construction and all other related industries,” added Tamara Perko, the president of the HBOR management board.