Croatia’s Financial Agency opens new IT development centre

Developing programming and coding technologies. Website design. Cyber space concept.

Croatia’s Financial Agency (Fina) has opened a new IT development centre in Čakovec, the fourth in the country after Split, Zabok and Osijek.

The main goal of the centre is to develop IT services, starting with analysis, design, programming and testing of software.

“The ultimate goal of all this is the development of modern IT products that meet the needs of the local community and provide employment to the local population, which also makes it a socially responsible business,” said Fina’s CEO, Dražen Čović.

The centre will be located near the Virovitica College of Management in Tourism and Informatics (VŠMTI), offering opportunities to new graduates to start a career and possibly slow the country’s brain drain.

“The financial agency is first and foremost a technology company with a very strong IT development team which boasts 280 employees,” continued Mr Čović. “Fina is one of the four carriers of the state’s digitisation, we’re building our future in these jobs and we need IT staff very much. We’re working with the College of Management in Tourism and Informatics in Virovitica to show students who are being educated here that they have a place to come and work, that their future workplace is waiting for them, and that they can do their internships here, write their graduate theses and participate in all of the projects that Fina is engaged in.”