Czech proposal to decentralise Ukraine is Russian propaganda, Ukrainian official says

Ukraine’s foreign ministry has said that a proposal put forward by Czech president Miloš Zeman, who suggested that the Ukrainian state should be decentralised, is “Russian propaganda”.

The Ukrainian response came after the Czech president, who is known for his favourable views of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, suggested that Ukraine has to commence with the decentralisation of state power to solve the crisis in Eastern Ukraine.

“It is necessary to change the Ukrainian constitution – specifically with the aim of decentralising Ukraine to grant every region greater self-control,” Mr Zeman said on March 20.

“It’s a shame he still fails to understand that it’s Russian aggression, not civil war, that has been ongoing for five years in the east of Ukraine. Such statements by the Czech president seem to be repeating the narratives of Russian propaganda,” Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesperson Ekaterina Zelenko said in her response.