FAO launches three new projects in Azerbaijan

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is to implement three new projects in Azerbaijan. Malek Cakmak, the head of the FAO’s Partnership and Liaison Office, said that the projects form part of the FAO-Azerbaijan cooperation programme, signed in 2016.

According to Ms Cakman, the first projects will assist in the development of sheep breeding and the creation of a value chain in the field. In addition, the FAO will also implementation a programme of development of the livestock sector, by expanding knowledge in the field of artificial insemination and improving the feed base. The third project is aimed at boosting potato seed production.

“We are currently elaborating several more projects. One of them is aimed at the development of the hazelnut industry. Hazelnuts are one of Azerbaijan’s main non-oil exports, and we want to help the development of this sector in particular, to increase the production of traditional varieties,” said Ms Cakmak.

Agriculture is currently assuming a far more prominent role in the Azerbaijan economy. According to a recent statement by the agriculture minister, Inam Karimov, Azerbaijan’s government has prepared a strategy, which includes a roadmap for the manufacture and processing of agricultural products. According to Mr Karimov, Azerbaijan needs new technologies and one of the primary donors is the FAO.

Azerbaijan has been a member of the FAO since 1995. The organisation’s office in the country has been operating since 2007.