Head of EUROCHAMBRES says rule of law is crucial for investors in Ukraine

Christopher Leitl, the president of the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUROCHAMBRES), has said that Ukraine will have a great chance of developing its economy if the country chooses to push for the rule of law, says no to mass-scale corruption and creates favourable taxation and educational conditions for businesses.

Speaking in an interview with Interfax Ukraine, Mr Leilt stressed that “potential investors will come as soon as they understand that the fight against corruption, the rule of law and business-friendly taxation has already been implemented in Ukraine, and they will understand that these are not pre-election promises, but a political reality.”

Asked if the new Ukrainian government is holding back economic processes, he stressed that the change of power in Ukraine, as well as the a new European Commission and European Parliament, offered all parties the chance for a fresh start.

Discussing whether the Donbas war in the country’s east discourages foreign investment, he noted that “potential investors are following the processes [regarding the Donbas war] very closely” and the recent exchange of Russian and Ukrainian war prisoners was “a symbol of readiness to make a step towards each other.”