Moldovan NGOs call for inclusive election

A Moldovan NGO, Women for Contemporary Society, has called on the country’s political parties to make the upcoming general election – scheduled for February 24 – the most inclusive in the country’s history.

In cooperation with another NGO, the Gender Equality Platform, Women for Contemporary Society will organise a series of debates in five Moldovan cities to raise awareness about he gender aspects of the campaign.

“The debates aim to identify sexist messages and forms of verbal or physical violence used against women involved in the electoral campaign,” said Veronica Lupu, director of the Equal Opportunities for Women in Election Campaigns project.

Party political leaders, candidates, public figures, police, civil society and media representatives in Chișinău, Anenii Noi, Strășeni, Ialoveni and Criuleni will be trained in how to respond to aggressive situations and how to communicate such instances to the respective institutions.

“Despite the calls to women to become involved more in politics and the decision-making process, there are still many barriers that prevent the women from taking up executive posts. These often take the form of sexist messages, in particular during the election campaign,” said Nina Lozinski, secretary of the Gender Equality Platform.

Women for Contemporary Society is a non-profit organisation in Moldova whose goal is to prevent and combat human trafficking, to help the victims of domestic violence, and provide information for different population groups regarding gender equality.