Romania’s UiPath donates one million euros for reconstruction of Notre Dame

UiPath founder Daniel Dines announced on April 16 that his company would donate one milllion euros for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, following the fire that partially destroyed it on April 15.

Daniel Dines is co-Founder and CEO of UiPath, a vendor of RPA (robotic process automation) software that powers the intelligent process automation solutions offered by few of the most technology savvy BPO firms. UiPath was the first Romanian company to reach a value of one billion US dollars at the beginning of 2018. It is currently valued at three billion US dollars.

“UiPath owes a lot to France and to French culture. It’s time for us to give something back to France. On behalf of UiPath, I would like to pledge one million euros for the reconstruction of Notre Dame,” said Mr Dines at a UiPath event in the French capital.