Russia to provide Serbia with new loan to finance railway projects

Aleksander Botsan-Kharchenko, Russia’s newly appointed ambassador to Serbia, has said that Russia will grant Serbia a new export loan of 172.5 million euros to finance infrastructure development projects.

According to the Serbian press, the country’s government is now in talks with Russia on finalising the agreement.

“In accordance with the agreements reached during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Belgrade on January 17th, a new intergovernmental agreement is being prepared on extending a new export credit to Serbia,” Mr Botsan-Kharchenko said, adding that the loan will be used for developing Serbia’s infrastructure and the construction of a modern dispatch centre.

Earlier this year, the Russian media reported that the new loan would be provided to finance railway projects in Serbia, accounting for 230 million euros.

Touching upon the country’s relations with Kosovo, the Russian ambassador blamed the EU and the US for maintaining constant pressure on the country, adding that “there is no evidence whatsoever that Belgrade’s best interests are taken into account in any form, in pursuit of a compromise solution.”