Searching for peace in post-war Armenia: Elsewhere in emerging Europe

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Searching for peace in post-war Armenia

‘Both Karen and I are Armenian, yet he was wielding a gun and I had the Notes app open on my phone.’

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Serbia’s smart city has become a political flashpoint

Belgrade has been kitted out with Chinese security cameras. Activists and Europe are both worried.

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China and Russia should team up to ‘punish’ Lithuania, says Beijing media

A Chinese Communist Party newspaper continued an editorial campaign against Lithuania this week by suggesting Beijing and Moscow should “join hands” to punish the Baltic nation for its ongoing row with China over Taiwan.

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No self-respecting American should aspire to Hungarian-style nationalism

Extolling the virtues of Viktor Orbán’s culture war over a sumptuous meal in Budapest is next-level cognitive dissonance.

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Belarus exiles fear the long arm of the vengeful dictator in Minsk

The attempt to ‘kidnap’ an Olympic sprinter and the suspicious death of an activist are signs of growing oppression.

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With more freedom, young women in Albania shun tradition of ‘sworn virgins’

A centuries-old tradition in which women declared themselves men so they could enjoy male privilege is dying out as young women have more options available to them to live their own lives.

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Hydropower dams threaten Georgia’s haven for endangered sturgeon

Sturgeon are among the world’s most threatened species. A new hydropower project threatens one of their last breeding grounds in Georgia’s Rioni River.

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Will Romania step up anti-LGBTQ legislation like Hungary?

Inspired by Hungary’s increasingly homophobic laws, an unholy alliance of nationalist and far-right politicians is trying to push anti-LGBTQ legislation in Romania too.

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Serbia’s new age mine stirs age old fears

Foreign investment in Serbia’s mining sector has been coloured by unhappy experiences with China. Could a multibillion-dollar western investment be the fix?

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Meet the Instagram fashionistas of Turkmenistan

Instagram account @streestyle_ashgabat shines a light on the emerging fashion scene of Turkmenistan’s capital city, Ashgabat.

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