Serbia’s EU accession talks ‘slowing down’

Belgrade, Serbia, July 22, 2017.Belgrade cityscape at sunset with national assembly, aerial view

Nataša Dragojlović, coordinator of Serbia’s National Convention on the European Union has said that accession talks between the country and the European bloc have been slowing over regression in the areas of media freedom and the rule of law.

Dragojlović believes that at this stage, it would be impossible for Serbia to join the European Union in 2025, previously suggested by the European Commission as a possible accession date.

“Even the existing dynamics of opening two chapters every six months was not enough for the process to accelerate, or to give people hope that changes will be made on the road to the EU membership and inspire politicians to carry out reforms in a more substantial manner,” Ms Dragojlović told the Serbian press.

While Ms Dragojlović said that progress had been made in certain areas, the rule of law, bilateral relations with Kosovo and the question of media freedom remain problematic. The EU has recently raised strong concerns over the latter issue.