Slovak deputy justice minister resigns, PM to face no-confidence vote

Slovakia’s deputy justice minister, Monika Jankovská has resigned under pressure from the opposition over her alleged involvement in the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak, killed in February 2018.

“Neither the justice minister, nor the prime minister, nor the party chairman pressured me into resigning,” Mrs Jankovská pointed out. “It was my own deliberate decision, due to the great pressure created against my family. I can handle the pressure, but my family cannot.”

Mrs Jankovská has been accused of having contact with one of the main suspects in Mr Kuciak’s murder, Marian Kočner, whose business deals were a subject of Kuciak’s articles.

Mrs Jankovská has denied communicating with Mr Kočner.

Despite her resignation, members of the Slovak opposition will proceed on September 6 with a no-confidence vote against the government led by Peter Pellegrini.