Spectis: Polish construction market looks strong

A recent report from research company Spectis has revealed that despite projected slowing growth, the outlook for the Polish construction market is optimistic. The country can currently boast 960 investment projects either planned or underway, manifesting considerable investment potential. This fits Poland’s narrative as the champion of the emerging European markets, having averaged a 4.2 per cent per annum growth rate between 1992 and 2019. 

Researchers at Spectis have detailed 24 billion euros worth of investment projects underway, with another 76 billion euros in the design or planning stage. The company is predicting market upturns across the country, with Lubelskie among the three eastern Polish regions with the highest predicted growth. This is largely as a result of major engineering projects, primarily in road and construction sectors. 

Mazowieckie (Warsaw) and Pomorskie (Gdańsk) are the undisputed leading regions, however, with over 12 billion euros worth of investment projects planned for each region. This comes after Emerging Europe named Warsaw as the most business-friendly city in the region at its recent awards ceremony.

As a whole, Poland’s high domestic consumption and infrastructure spending gives the country a competitive advantage. This, in turn, helps foster a vibrant entrepreneurial landscape that continues to output billions of investment opportunities, painting a positive outlook for the Polish market as a whole.