Ukraine secures gas stocks for winter season

Ukrainian energy holding Naftogaz has fulfilled its plan to import the necessary amount of gas from Europe to ensure supplies for the upcoming winter season, with the country’s underground gas stocks having exceeded 20 billion cubic metres, Ukrainian news agency UNIAN has reported.

The amount is four billion cubic metres more than last year’s corresponding figure and the highest of the past nine years.

“There is enough gas in the underground storage facilities to ensure reliable operation of the gas transmission system and gas supply to all Ukrainian consumers this winter even if Russia resorts to halting transit via Ukraine,” Naftogaz CEO Andrey Kobolyev said in a statement.

Ukraine has been purchasing European gas to place in its underground storage facilities as the 10-year agreement on Russian gas transit through the country to Europe will expire by the end of the year. The two sides are now negotiating a deal under EU mediation.