Ukraine’s would-be president begins to outline plans

The campaign team of Ukrainian presidential frontrunner Volodymyr Zelensky (pictured above) has announced its programme to tackle corruption should the former comedian win the second round of the presidential election on April 21.

Mr Zelensky believes that economic crimes should not be investigated by current law enforcement agencies and that Ukraine should establish a separate high court for such offences with the assistance of the International Supreme Economic Court.

In corruption cases, the Mr Zelensky would abolish bail, terminate the right of lawmakers to immunity and reward people who expose criminal activities. Despite the Ukrainian parliament last summer approving a law to establish a supreme anti-corruption court, it has yet to function.

“There is no need to reinvent the wheel. It has long been known what should be done. It’s just there has never been political will”, said a member of Mr Zelenksy’s team.

In a TV interview, the former comedian himself said that he would initiate an immediate ceasefire with pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region, adding that the government in Kyiv has to restore and maintain social security benefits to people living in the occupied areas.

Mr Zelensky stressed that he is ready for personal talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin, but added that he would not make concessions to Moscow. “We will never sacrifice territories or people. The integrity of Ukraine must be preserved.”

According to the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, Mr Zelensky won the first round of the presidential election by 30.24 per cent while incumbent president Petro Poroshenko received 15.95 per cent.