World Bank launches Kosovo property rights project

The World Bank has launched the Kosovo Real Estate and Geospatial Infrastructure Project (REGIP), which aims to increase the quality and availability of land administration and geospatial data and services in Kosovo. The financial support for the project is 14.6 million euros.

“Securing property rights is critical for improving Kosovo’s growth and development – as well-defined rights are the cornerstone of a vibrant market economy,” said Marco Mantovanelli, World Bank country manager for Kosovo. “This project will help increase access to finance and reduce informality in the economy, positively impacting credit markets and the commercial banking sector which, in turn, could result in more investment and more jobs,” he added.

Investments from the REGIP will focus on improving the availability and accuracy of cadastral information, advancing ICT and geospatial infrastructure, and implementing capacity-building initiatives. Planned upgrades to IT systems and a launch of online e-services will benefit all citizens and businesses in Kosovo, making more information and services available online. E-services geared towards specialised users – such as commercial banks, notaries, and private surveyors – will benefit these users and will improve on the speed, quality, and accuracy of service delivery.