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Patient data and cybersecurity to take centre stage

Poland’s largest conference on the protection of medical data, bringing together key players from industry organisations, as well as representatives from the country’s public sector.

While the digitalisation of health care offers significant benefits to both patients and medical staff, it comes with risks, not least as the health care sector is widely considered to be one of the most vulnerable of all to cybercrime.

This has made the subject of securing patient data, and protecting it from cyber-attacks, one of the key subjects of discussion for all health care sector stakeholders across the world.

In Poland, long considered a leader in innovation in the health care sector not just in Central and Eastern Europe but across the continent as a whole, the conversation has centered on the implementation of a Code of Conduct created by the Polish Hospital Federation for the processing and protection of personal data in healthcare.

The development and implementation of the code means that Poland has a chance to be perceived as a country striving to ensure a high level of protection of patients’ personal data, paying particular attention to the development of e-health while maintaining appropriate security standards.

The code could become an inspiration both at national and European level to develop new regulatory solutions in the area of personal data protection in the medical industry.

“The massive interest of Poles in online public services encourages us to further dynamise the digitialisation of the state,” says Bartosz Stebnicki, a member of the management board of Microsoft Poland.

In 2020, Microsoft announced investment worth one billion euros to accelerate innovation and digital transformation in what has been dubbed the “Polish Digital Valley”.

Foundational to this multifaceted plan is the opening of a new Microsoft datacenter region in Poland as part of its global-scale cloud to provide the country’s broad ecosystem of start-ups, entrepreneurs, enterprises and government access to secure, enterprise-grade cloud services

“The investment in the construction of the Polish data processing region and the data centre infrastructure is one of the foundations of ensuring digital security in our country,” adds Stebnicki.

GDPR and Cybersecurity in Health

“As the largest network company in the world, we attach great importance to excluding cyber threats and the possibility of processing personal data, and in this case of sensitive data, by unauthorised persons,” says Przemysław Kania, general manager Cisco in Poland. 

Microsoft, along with another global tech giant, Cisco, is a partner of this year’s GDPR and Cybersecurity in Health conference, taking place online on May 24. Registration is now open, here

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