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Made in Emerging Europe: Ampler Bikes

Electric bicycles are not new, but Ampler Bikes from Estonia have taken the trend a step further. They make light electric bikes for urban commuters that take you further without breaking sweat.

“Riding the electric bike is as simple as a regular bicycle – you simply cycle. The bikes have no thumb throttles, complex screens or other clutter, and the battery is hidden deep within the frame.

The company sees the electrified Ampler as evolution of the bicycle as we know it – people keep on cycling but with a new generation of bicycles, says,” Ardo Kaurit, CEO and co-founder.
Mr Kaurit also adds that the aim of the company is to build bikes that commuters have a need for. Not only do they want their bikes to be practical but they want them to look and feel like traditional bikes.

“For example, the battery is inside the frame not just because of looks. It’s the best use of the empty space, keeping the weight down and the battery safe, hiding the important bits from outside elements like the rain and cold,” Mr Kaurit says.

The company was launched in April 2016 via an Indiegogo campaign, where they successfully raised 158,000 US dollars, kickstarting its international operations. The team is made up of cyclists, technologists and engineers, who cleverly designed their own battery and electronics.

All Ampler bikes are hand-assembled in Tallinn, and shipped all over in Europe. In 2018, Ampler Bikes wants to expand its operations internationally, opening a flagship store in Berlin in the spring.

“Electric bikes are a fantastic solution to the commuting problem – heavy congestion and stress, lack of parking spaces and physical barriers such as wind and hills that cause sweat. We are on a quest to solve it, and we can celebrate our progress with winning the Cyclingworld Best E-Bike Award last year,” Mr Kaurit concludes.