Azerbaijan’s non-oil exports grow by 17 per cent

Import Export Logistics concept - Crane lift up container box loading to container depot use for cargo import export logistics background

Azerbaijan exported non-oil products worth 1.4 billion US dollars between January and September, 17 per cent more than the first nine months of 2018, Azerbaijani state news agency AzerNews has reported.

According to the country’s Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications, Russia accounted for the highest share of Azerbaijan’s exports (worth 465.6 million US dollars) in the reporting period. Turkey (304 million US dollars), Switzerland (125.4 million US dollars), Georgia (123.2 million US dollars) and Italy (34.4 million US dollars) are also among Azerbaijan’s top export markets.

The highest level of non-oil export growth (26.5 per cent year-on-year) was on the Georgian market, followed by Switzerland (19.2 per cent), Russia (15.8 per cent), and Turkey (10.3 per cent).

In September, the country’s non-oil exports totalled 136 million US dollars, 19 per cent more compared with the same month of 2018, with the largest share exported to Russia (38.5 million US dollars) and Turkey (25.4 million US dollars).

During the January-September period, tomatoes (142.3 million US dollars), gold (120.8 million US dollars) and peeled hazelnuts (87.9 million US dollars) generated the highest export revenues.