Croatia looks to foreign workers to fill gaps in tourism, construction

Due to a growing labour shortage, the Croatian government is lifting the quota for foreign workers in a number of key sectors, including tourism and construction.

“Our primary goal is to see the employment of local people,” said the country’s labour minister Marko Pavić. “However, we also decided to increase by 2,000 the number of licenses for foreign workers in tourism and by 1,000 in construction.”

The number of licenses will automatically rise by 1,000 in each sector should further need arise.

“By this decision, we believe we have paved way for a good (tourist) season,” added Andrej Plenković, Croatia’s prime minister. “The decision is unprecedented in our recent history, which means that we are meeting the needs of the labour market.”

The unemployment rate in Croatia currently stands at a record-low seven per cent.

“The latest data show that there are 111,000 unemployed people in the country, the smallest number I remember over the last few years,” Mr Plenković explained. “This number further reduces during the summer season.”