Former Moldovan PM runs for European parliament, in Romania

Former Moldovan prime minister Iurie Leancă has a real chance of being elected to the European parliament after being named as a candidate of the Romanian Pro Romania party. Like many Moldovans, Mr Leancă holds dual Moldovan/Romanian citizenship.

Currently a deputy prime minister in the Moldovan government of Pavel Filip, Mr Leancă has been placed fourth on Pro Romania’s list of candidates, which is headed by European commissioner Corina Crețu. Pro Romania was created last year by former Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta following his resignation from the ruling PSD. Most of Pro Romania’s members are former PSD supporters.

Current opinion polls give Pro Romania around nine per cent of the vote, which would be enough to secure it three seats in the European parliament.

Mr Ponta himself and Mihai Tudose, another former Romanian prime minister, complete the Pro Romania list. However, Mr Ponta – who wants to concentrate on national politics – has suggested that he will not take his seat if elected, which would open the way for Mr Leancă to become an MEP.