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Kosovo’s president confident Paris Summit will lead to agreement with Serbia

Kosovo’s president Hashim Thaçi has said that an upcoming Western Balkans Summit could pave the way to an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

“If we cannot create good relations with Belgrade, we will never become members of the European Union and NATO. This is a golden opportunity. If we miss this opportunity, our children will suffer the consequences. They would find themselves in a ‘frozen conflict’ that could escalate at any point. I have faith in the pragmatism and vision of [French President] Emmanuel Macron. He is aware of the situation and he knows that it is important for Europe,” Mr Thaçi said in an interview with French weekly L’Express.

Mr Thaçi added however while Europe is key to the peace process, no agreement can be reached without strong support from the United States of America.

“The Balkans Summit which was held in Berlin in late April did not bring about anything concrete. There was no coordination with the US. I hope that at the Paris Summit in early July, things will be different and there will be full coordination between Paris and Washington,” he added.

The Paris Summit is scheduled for July 1.