Poland calls the EU’s bluff: Elsewhere in emerging Europe

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Poland’s top court has finally called the EU’s bluff

For many years, the EU has posed as a kind of overbearing imperial leviathan, which insists its law has to prevail over that of the states that make it up. Now its bluff appears to have finally been called.

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Slovenia pitches ‘European Netflix’ to bolster digital sovereignty

Europe needs a Netflix-type streaming platform of its own. That’s according to a document from the EU’s Slovenian presidency which suggests that EU capitals and the Commission should look into a European online platform for movies.

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In post-American Central Asia, Russia and China are tightening their grip

Although America’s war in Central Asia may be ending, worries over potential conflict in the region remain high.

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Crown estate bought 67 million UK pounds London property from family of Azerbaijan ruler

The Queen’s crown estate has launched an internal review over a London property it appears to have bought from Azerbaijan’s multimillionaire ruling family – which has repeatedly been accused of corruption.

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The forgotten history of the Roma Holocaust

During one of history’s darkest chapters, 25,000 Roma people were persecuted by Nazi-allied Romania. Survivors are still discriminated against today.

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Can music help integrate Estonia’s Russian speakers?

Festivals like Tallinn Music Week blur the lines of segregation between Estonia’s Russian-speaking minority and the rest. Yet outside of culture, many problems persist.

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Albanians living in UK ‘would work for free’ to tackle fuel crisis

Albania has said thousands of its migrants to the UK would be willing to work for nothing to help tackle the country’s petrol crisis.

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How to spend a weekend in Latvia’s wild and windswept west

Pair a city break to Riga with a trip through western Latvia, home to unspoilt Baltic beaches, wartime history and wooded waterways.

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Uzbek soccer player’s Italian adventures inspire dreams back home

Eldor Shomurodov’s success making it into one of Europe’s most important national football leagues has generated a fresh flurry of ambition among young Uzbek players.

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Rhythms of Time: An otherwordly journey in the fight to preserve Tajikistan’s ancient music rituals

In Tajikistan’s mountainous eastern province of Badakhsan, music is embedded within people’s lives, following the body from birth to death.

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