Ukraine will emulate Israel: Elsewhere in emerging Europe

Our weekly digest of articles about emerging Europe published elsewhere over the past few days, all of which caught our eye and all of which are well worth your time.

This week, we have again selected some of the best writing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, particularly how it impacts the rest of the region. As always, inclusion of an article here does not mean that agree with each and every word, nor that it reflects our editorial stance.

Zelensky says post-war Ukraine will emulate Israel, won’t be ‘liberal, European’

Soldiers in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons is Ukraine’s future, Zelensky says, as the country’s leaders begin to imagine what a precariously post-war Ukraine might look like.

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‘Homes for Ukraine’ is just a slogan – as I found out by trying to welcome a refugee

Britain’s flagship scheme for matching hosts with refugees is another of the government’s inflated promises – and equally empty.

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Kaja Kallas on the atrocities in Ukraine

Estonia’s prime minister argues that although the Soviet Union collapsed, its imperialist ideology never did.

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Belarusian railway rebellion disrupts Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine War

Since Putin’s Ukraine War began on February 24, at least 52 Belarusians including 30 railway workers have been arrested on charges of treason, terrorism and espionage for disrupting the movement of Russian troops and military hardware.

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An ‘explosion’ of anti-Ukraine disinformation is hitting Moldova

Moldova, a small ex-Soviet nation sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, has been suffering from what researchers describe as “an explosion” of disinformation since war broke out in Ukraine.

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Georgian wine takes a pounding as Russia invades Ukraine

Georgian wine exports had been booming, but largely to Russia and Ukraine. Now the industry is trying to reorient, including to China.

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Poland and Ukraine’s shared history: How dreams of nationhood endure

In 1795, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, once a major power governing territory that extended from modern Lithuania to Ukraine, disappeared from the map. Journalist and author Misha Glenny tells Jonathan Wright how this history helps us understand events today.

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‘This is a crazy, unjust attack’: Pink Floyd re-form to support Ukraine

Disgusted by the Russian invasion, David Gilmour speaks about band’s first brand new song in 28 years, which samples a Ukrainian musician now on the front line – and expresses ‘disappointment’ in Roger Waters.

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Why Ukraine is winning

Ukraine’s success illuminates a strategy that allowed a smaller state to — so far — outlast a larger and much more powerful one.

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Hungary has revealed the EU’s contempt for democracy

Remember the other day when the European Union was pretending to care about sovereignty and democracy? When Russia’s imperialist invasion of Ukraine had supposedly united European elites in their staunch, unflinching belief in a people’s right to determine their own destiny and shape their nation? You’ll be shocked to learn that they didn’t really mean it, at least if their reaction to the Hungarian election is anything to go by.

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