Emerging Europe Talks prosperity — IT landscape with Oleksii Toporkov

The emerging Europe region’s IT sector has in recent years garnered a reputation for producing high-value services through the use of a talented, skilled labour force, operating at consistently high rates of productivity.

Indeed, the sector has become key to the development of national economies across the region.

However, the countries of emerging Europe are not particularly well integrated – either politically or economically. It has been quite the challenge to look beyond the large IT powerhouses of Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Romania to understand the full potential of the industry across the region.

Emerging Europe recently took up that challenge and is currently putting together a comprehensive IT landscape report, the first-ever survey of the IT sector across the entire region.

Oleksii Toporkov, a research analyst at Emerging Europe, speaks to Andrew Wrobel about the report’s methodology and some of the findings, including the IT Competitiveness Index which will be included in the report, due to be released on February 25, 2021.

Click here, to request your copy of the report.

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